Thursday, 12 December 2013

Sadism and Loneliness

In this article, the author, Willhem Martens, makes links between loneliness and sadism in serial killers. To do so, he studies the famous case of Jeffrey Dahmer. He studies killing as a result of envy and shame/rage mechanisms. He also considers the development of self. Martens also makes links between fear felt by serial killers and the need to feel powerful and superior, going through their feeling or inferiority that comes from childhood. The concept of love is also a factor in serial killers' life according to him. In fact, the lack of love and acceptance in society can lead to deviance. Martens also studies the need to transfer tension on someone or something else, in relationship with the sadistic fantasies. He also studies parenting and distortion, linking these factors to criminal behaviour. After defining sadism and loneliness and linking his research to the DSM-IV, Martens examines the case of Jeffrey Dahmer by explaining it in details, going through his disorders, needs to kill and cannibalism. To read the full article, visit:

Written by Laurie St-Pierre


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